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Materials Sterling Silver Specifics The bracelet is approximately. The bracelet will be made to your length b The bracelet will be made to your length by Materials Sterling Silver Specifics The bracelet is approximately 1.

Materials Sterling Silver and quartz doublets Specifics The bracelet is approximately. The bracelet will be ma The bracelet will be made to Materials: 14k Gold Specifics: The cross is approximately 1. Materials: 14k Gold and Zircon diamonds optional Specifics: The cross is approximately 1.

Exceptional Art for the extraordinary person Shop Women's Jewelry. Shop by Mood. Men's and Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets. View full details. Quick shop. Circular Quartz Doublet Bracelet Yianni. Pillgrip Segmented Bangle Bracelet Yianni. Pave Clasp Curb Bracelet Yianni. Crosses by Gialesakis. Two-Toned Ribbon Cross Gialesakis. Breeze Cross Gialesakis. Double Circle Cross Gialesakis. Cubic Swirl Crucifix Cross Gialesakis.

Cubic Swirl Cross Gialesakis. Triple Rustic Cross Gialesakis. Butterfly and Flowers Framed Cross Gialesakis. Stone Border Double Cross Gialesakis.

Stone Border Rustic Cross Gialesakis. Read Our Guarantee Shop with confidence. Read Our Reviews See what people say. Chat With Us Available 7 days, hours will vary. Added to your cart:. Cart subtotal.Though every culture within the Orthodox Christian religion has a slight variation, the basic idea is still the same. Aside from that, the Greek religious jewellery is also slightly different than the jewellery in the Russian Orthodox tradition.


Did you know that the cross was a symbol that was used well before Christianity? For example, the Roman goddess Diana is often depicted with a cross around her head. Also, both the Egyptians and the Hindus considered the cross to be a symbol of abundance. Each of these cultures had a different viewpoint of what it meant.

It is now a well-established symbol of Christianity. It was the Emperor Constantine, who founded the capital city of Constantinople, who advocated its use. Since this was a prosperous Empire, the symbol of the cross evolved.

Archaeologists dating back to the early days of the Empire, which was around AD, have uncovered many examples of cross jewelry. In order for the cross to be considered truly Greek religious jewellery, all four arms need to be of an equal length.

This is different than other depictions of the Christian cross, where the length is a lot longer than the width. Note that the Russian Cross often has a third bar in the bottom of the cross. History Privacy and cookies policy. Custom Request. Greek Religious Jewellery. Origin of the Cross:. Byzantine Empire:. Greek Religious Jewellery:. Cross Jewellery:. The cross is the ultimate symbol of our Christian faith.

Since Christ died on the cross to redeem us of our sins, Christians started wearing the cross as a reminder of that. When Orthodox Christians are baptized, the cross itself is an integral part of the ceremony.

As a tradition, the godparents give their godchild a cross, an item that the priest requires for their ceremony. Though most Orthodox Christians will acquire many crosses throughout their lives, it is this first cross that is often considered the most special. Sign of the Cross:. In both the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Christian traditions, the sign of the cross is an important symbol of worship. However, the execution of this symbol is slightly different.Materials 18k Gold, diamond, ruby, emerald possible combinations.

Materials 18k Gold, diamonds, and gemstones of your choice rubies shown, but please enquire about any preferences you may have Specifics The cro Materials 18k Gold and a center stone of your choice diamond and ruby shown Specifics The cross is 1 inch high including the bale. Weight: 3. Materials Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, a ruby on the tip of the bale, and mother of pearl behind the gold filigree Specifics The pendant is approxim Materials Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Specifics The cross is approximately 1 inch high including the bale It is the smaller of the 2 pictured mot The chain shown Materials 18k Gold and your choice of gemstones sapphires, rubies and a diamond shown, but please enquire about any preferences you may have Spe Material Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, pearls, and a pink tourmaline Specifics The pendant is approximately 1.

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Show 24 36 View full details. Quick shop. Imperial Orthodox Cross Damaskos. Maltese Stone Cross Gerochristo. Grand Fleury Western Cross Damaskos. Fireman's Cross Damaskos. Jerusalem Cross Gerochristo. Micro Prairie Stone Cross with chain Gerochristo. Western Cross Gerochristo.

Mini Maltese Cross Gerochristo. Rustic Eastern Cross Gerochristo. Canterbury Simple Cross Damaskos. Maltese Cross Gerochristo. Konstantino Eleni Cross Pendant Damaskos.

Western Pomme Cross Pendant Gerochristo. Flower Waves Cross Damaskos. Eastern Maltese Cross Gerochristo. Read Our Guarantee Shop with confidence. Read Our Reviews See what people say.

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greek orthodox jewelry

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Orthodox Crosses/Eastern Orthodox Jewelry

Orthodox Christian Mug. Greeks Mug. Saint Nicholas Of Myra Ornament oval. Three testicles Light T-Shirt.Free U. Free Engraving! Follow Us! You found the home of Orthodox Christian rings and wedding bands! The simplicity of our rings remains true to the classic gold band style, but a closer look reveals authentic Orthodox jewelry, with ancient Christian symbolism, that directs one's thoughts to Christ and His Church.

Ancient Christian Rings. Made For Today's Christian. If you are an Orthodox Christian, or any Christian with an appreciation for the historic Faith, and are looking for a quality Orthodox Christian ring or wedding band, your search is over. At last, you don't have to wear a ring like everyone else for the rest of your life.

Now you can arm yourself with authentic Orthodox jewelry that captures the look and feel of what is truly most important to you. Whether you are looking for an Orthodox cross ring, Greek Orthodox wedding band, or just a simple Russian ring Every one of our rings Comes in platinum, 14k and 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold and silver-platinum!

Is available in half and quarter sizes! Is designed with a comfort fit-interior! Greek Orthodox Rings. Russian Orthodox Rings. Orthodox Cross Rings. Share Your Feedback. We truly appreciate all feedback from visitors regarding our website or products. Thank you. If you would like a reply, please provide your email address. We will not use it for any other purpose. All rights reserved. Instead of looking to the world for class rings. Instead of the typical Orthodox jewelry available, now there is something of truly high quality.

Now there is OrthodoxRings. After all, the first thing that the Father did for the prodigal son, when he returned home, was to put a ring on his finger. The Perfect Fit for Many Occasions! Matching Wedding Sets. Antiochian Orthodox. Men's Orthodox Rings. Women's Wedding Rings. Royal Series Rings. Do you have another occasion, or idea, for our rings?

Rings, Metal, Marriage and Weddings! Featured Article.Shop Serbian Jewelry and Orthodox crosses. Prodajemo Srpski nakit i pravoslavne krstove. Ako trazite Pravoslavni krst ili krstice za decu posetite nas online shop. Takodje mozete da narucite Srpski prsten ili privezak sa Srpskim grbom.

Zoran Designs is your source for Serbian and Orthodox jewellery. Our selection of Serbian Orthodox crosses includes classic styles such as the traditional 4 Cs Serbian cross as well as some unique and modern designs. Also available are gold Orthodox crosses suitable for Orthodox Christians of any background including Ukrainian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Russian.

Our plain Orthodox cross is incredibly popular and comes in several sizes. We also offer the St. Olga Orthodox cross for those who want a more ornate Orthodox cross design. You can also purchase Serbian coat of arms crest pendants and rings which are available in Sterling silver and gold. Our Serbian jewellery includes rings and pendants with the Serbian two-headed eagle design. Zoran Designs prodaje kvalitetan Srpski nakit. Click on an item of interest below for details and pricing.

This gold ring features a Serbian Orthodox cross and would be suitable as a men's Serbian wedding band. View all specs, options and pricing in our online shop.

greek orthodox jewelry

We are fluent in English and Serbian. We will never sell your personal information but third parties are involved in managing it. Read our Privacy Policy before submitting your email. Follow us on Instagram. More Orthodox Crosses in our Online Shop.

Shop Serbian Jewelry. Helping our clients' jewellery dreams come true for over 20 years! Email Address.An Orthodox cross is one of the oldest and most revered hallmarks of Orthodox Christianity. Due to a traditional design a classical Orthodox cross is also known as Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Byzantine or Eastern cross and is considered an authentic Orthodox symbol of faith.

Our collection of Orthodox cross pendants imported directly from Russia features the body crosses for children, women and men, and crucifixes made of rose gold or rose and white gold combination. Hand-crafted in the medieval Russian town of Kostroma, all artisanal Russian Orthodox crosses from this collection bring together traditional canons of Russian Orthodox Church and the latest advancements in jewelry technique. These cross pendants are decorated with elaborately engraved inscriptions in Old Church Slavonic language praising the Lord and Christianity.

Some Eastern Slavic crosses are adorned with perfect Russian diamonds. Due to exquisite details these Orthodox crosses are as much of jewelry masterpieces as religious symbols. We help you stay true to the traditions of our forefathers with these symbols of faith. Our Russian jewelry store proudly offers you the best selection of body orthodox crosses in the USA and Canada that features close to different style authentic rose gold Russian Orthodox Cross pendants and body Orthodox Crucifixes.

Choose your symbol of faith from our collection to cherish and wear for the rest of your life and buy it in stores in New York and Toronto or online.

greek orthodox jewelry

Our Company acknowledges with great gratitude the contribution of Mr. Alexander Markov Moscowthe graduate of the Supreme Divinity School of the Moscow Academy of Theology who generously shared with us his knowledge and kindly provided us with his insight to help every believer comprehend the profound spiritual, historical and sacral significance of the inscriptions and symbols on the Orthodox golden and silver body crosses from our collection. Phone Orders and Inquiries: 1.

Orthodox Cross Pendant. Diamond Orthodox Cross Pendant. Orthodox and Catholic Cross Pendant. Prayer Cross Pendant. Orthodox Prayer Cross Pendant. All rights reserved.


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