Neet pg free video lectures

Each topic of Medical online course for NEET has been developed by highly qualified faculties from top medical colleges. By taking the NEET video classesyou will be able to enhance your speed, improve accuracy, and learn time management skills to write the NEET paper effectively. If you want to crack medical entrance exam with good marks, you need to enrol in the live course of NEET The expert faculty from top institutes of Kota and Delhi has prepared the NEET coaching course content and they have incorporated the latest changes in the syllabus while designing the Gradeup Classroom video course.

There are many daily practice tests DPPs to improve problem-solving skills. In addition to that, mock tests and monthly tests have also been included in the course.

neet pg free video lectures

You can attempt these tests at periodic intervals and track your progress with the report card offered at the end of each monthly test and mock test. This report card will help you in identifying your weaker areas and you can improve accordingly.

The short notes provided at the end of each chapter and the mind maps for quick chapter summary can be used for revision. You can also participate in the doubt discussions classes to clear your doubts.

Parents and teachers can interact with each other and take steps to improve your performance. The exam covers questions from the topics of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology.

The duration of the exam is 3 hours. Unlike the traditional coaching classes, you can rewind the class and get one-on-one experience with top faculties of India. With NEET online coaching classes, you can clear your doubts, practice various questions, learn anytime-anywhere at your pace and save time. Yes, there is a set validity for NEET course that you purchase. You can take the trial for free. You can watch the pre-recorded classes in case you miss any. You will be provided with the complete study material in the form of PDFs.

For some course we even offer Monthly Installment plans. If the Monthly Installment Plan option is available you will see drawer with all the payment plans present for the desired course. Enrol for NEET online medical courses now!

NEET Online Coaching

Interactive Quizzes The NEET live course includes many sessions of interactive quizzes, which will prove to be extremely useful for gauging your level of preparation. Check the solutions to the quizzes offered by our experts to gain concept-clarity over the topics. How my questions will be answered?Get Started. Marrow Edition 4. Know More. Qbank Edition 4. Test Series. Master Classes. The largest pan-India test series. What makes Marrow special?

Drmentors - Online Medical Coaching for MBBS, NEET PG and FMGE

Concept-based learning. Marrow MCQs and video lessons are structured in such a way that you understand the important concepts in each topic before you learn facts. Focus on high-yield topics and repeat MCQs. This helps improve your educated guess, thereby helping you tackle unsure questions better, especially when negative marking is involved.

Error Free, Evidence-Based. Every content on Marrow is peer-reviewed and comes with the latest edition of standard textbooks as references. Makes you exam ready. All MCQs are of extreme high probability, which makes you familiar with the actual pattern of questions. Our modules employ Spaced Repetition, a learning technique that is proven to improve retention. In a study conducted among students, the group that used Marrow to study a topic performed significantly better. Marrow test series have set a record with the largest number of participants nation-wide.

Comes with in-depth subject-wise performance analytics. QBank is reviewed frequently to ensure we stay relevant to the updated pattern of exams, latest questions and trends. Create your own custom MCQ module. Using the option Custom Modules, you can set your own parameters such as the difficulty level, subjects, tags like RecentUpdates and more. You can even create a module from your bookmarked question or the questions you marked incorrect.

Shivkumar Sharma. Raghavendra B Pandit. Kartik Aggarwal. Shobhit Garg. Aman Agrawal. Check out their stories. Testimonials Marrow covers all the exam relevant recent updates. New advances in Biochemistry by Dr. I would jot down QBank MCQ ids in my notebook and quickly revise them during the end of my preparation. The habit of solving QBank modules helped me immensely. Strive to improve at least a tiny bit, but consistently - every single day.

It compounds. And the power of compounding is massive. Edition 4 is the result of this continuous, cumulative improvement over a year, in small doses. Rohan Khandelwal - Surgery Faculty.Set a target for every weeks. Complete the target by giving a personalized test based on your target syllabus.

neet pg free video lectures

Comprehensive videos and live lectures for every chapter to develop solid foundation for attempting questions. Question bank with explanation and doubt support for each question to build rigour and conceptual clarity. Gold Medallist. Postgraduate in Microbiology - Specialization in Biochemical and molecular technique based identification of microbes. Molecular Marker designing. He has published multiple research papers. Graduation B. Teaching Medical aspirants for the last 16 years.

Founder of medical division at Pace Institute. Dept of BotanyDU. Mphil, DU. Taught at Aakash, Pace, Allen.

neet pg free video lectures

We have built study schedule for 11th class students, 12th class students and droppers that will help students to study smartly and efficiently. Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected have in your society. A education develops a critical thought process in addition to learning.

Introducing target based preparation to achieve top rank in NEET exam Set a target for every weeks. Watch Preview get enrolled now. NEET courses explore now. Learn on your schedule Trending Courses. Masterclass in Biology - Dr. Rais Ahmad Biology Teacher Postgraduate in Microbiology - Specialization in Biochemical and molecular technique based identification of microbes.

Ankur Agarwal Physics Teacher M. Utkarsh Sharma. Tushar Aggarwal. Akash Chaudhary. Hardik Raj. Nitin Kumar Pandey. Vaibhav Solanki. Pooja Kulhade. Mahrishi Bhatia. Sidhanta Sahoo.

Manya Gupta. Live Sessions. Expert Teachers. Receive Free Courses.Videos of all this kind will be seen here so Join if you want to see. Lot of medicine knowledge. Sketchy Pharma Channels is for the Short Explanation of drugs, as the Name all pharma Products names and ther uses in short videos and the Case study of drug. Join Now.

This Channel is about Micro but there are lot of Channel Below that Cover Each and Every Topic and help in the Overall growth, to learn evreything related to medicines. This group will be managed by-Dr.

Prepare on the Go!

Join if Intrested. As the Name Suggest it about the Embrylogy Study. As the Name suggest, Channel have lot of Video Content and continuously increasing. Videos Related to. Name it! Search it! Find it! Download it! Get More Learn More from the Books itself. Get the Book Grab the Knowledge from other experience from years of studies. Join and Search for the Book you want and Get that right in your Mobile.

All Videos are in HD quality and pratical. Doctors In Training DIT Antonomy Videos and the Lectures totally focus on pratical are here in the channel the Channel is not most legal Channel by the Way, but if you want to learn some concept to its deeper point, and that from international Universities, anyone suggest to Join this Channel. Whatever the Books tell in 10 pages will explain in the 10 min in Video Lecture.

Misostudy Videos

So If you also think like this and want to do the same learn from video, with Simple and Short way then Join the Channel. Best Forum available. A group where medical students exchange files and discussions of contemporary medicine takes place. All Related Videos and Cases of Patients and Help is given and taken from expert is discuss here and. Learn detail and get Ahead knowing the Facts and Studies from all overt the World.

Lot of medicine knowledge Join Now. Conform Join Sketchy Pharma Channels is for the Short Explanation of drugs, as the Name all pharma Products names and ther uses in short videos and the Case study of drug. Confrom Join. Conform Join This group will be managed by-Dr. Conform Join 16K Membet.A stay that transforms your life to colours.

Success is best achieved when we do not fluctuate from our goal. A well-equipped facility providing a calm and elegant environment enabling a perfect place to learn. Being on top is everyone's dream which is achieved only upon validating where we stand.

Capturing moments and relishing brings charm. The training videos are captured for those who missed being a direct part. Our Online mode always brings us close when it comes to teaching. We are established in the training industry for the past 15yrs and have excelled in training many doctors to achieve their goal of success towards PG entrance exams. Vinayak Senthil and our team of Faculties are experienced and renowned doctors providing you with wide knowledge on the topics.

Our technical team works best with the current technologies are we reach to the nook and corner of the globe through our various modes of teaching. Our centres are well equipped with sophisticated classrooms, high standard library and computerised examination centres. Our materials are with high standards guiding you to accomplish your dream of success. Keep me signed in. Speed Courses - PG. Residential Course. Explore Course.

neet pg free video lectures

Online test series. Online Course. Qus 5-Apr 10am - View Full Schedule.Engaging, conceptual videos to build lasting knowledge that can be revised easily. Handwritten notes according to the video lectures on app to assist studying and make revisions faster. Q Bank and Simulation Tests on authentic pattern with rich explanations, that are attempted by more than 60, students. We will not leave you confused. Your doubts will be replied by the Dream team themselves on app and Social Media.

Adaptive software that recognizes the learning potential of individual student and gives customized improvement tips to help them get better. Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best. Our goal is not only to prepare you for the exam, but to help you become a better doctor.

Colored Notes for Easy Revision Handwritten notes according to the video lectures on app to assist studying and make revisions faster. Doubt Support We will not leave you confused. High Quality Content Hight yield content created by experiend faculties.

DAMS Video Lectures Download Free for NEET PG

Maximum Competitors The largest pan India test series with real exam software. Faculty Support Doubts answered by experts in 24 working hours. Are you ready to start your journey?View lectures at your own pace from home. No travelling, No long hours, No missing college or internship activities.

Talk to our mentor for a personalized study timetable. Any guidance required and our mentor is just a call away! I had joined Drmentors PG prep package during my internship as I was not able to go to classes and it provided me with the comfort of watching videos from home. Also the lectures keep on getting updated and whatever new updates are released are available to all students. It is the way of teaching we are used to from our school times but believe me, it suits us the best. Punit sir. So you won't have the need to crush your brain and understand concepts but rather can go at the pace you need.

I hadn't joined any coaching in my UG or internship and I had just 5 months to prepare. At that time I found DrMentors and it was a real boon. I started watching Drmentors videos which really cleared all concepts and I used to watch them at any time ,like travelling.

Drmentors boosted my confidence everyday. I'm proud to be a Drmentors student and I thank every faculty member for making my dream come true.

Group of 3 gives Rs. Demo Videos. Key Features. Companion Notes Handwritten colored notes created by experts aligned with the video content Download Sample Notes. What Students Say.

Easy Installments Available. FMGE Students. Join with your friends and get amazing group discounts! Contact us. This content is available only after package purchase. View Packages.


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